CHA Trade Show – Part II

Good morning- I’m up and I think my feet are reatached for another day 🙂 As promised some more photos from yesterday:

Ranger-Booth – yum yum

Isn’t it awesome!!!!

Here is Bettina early in the morning at the myStampBox Table. Later when I went by there were a lot of people around!

Hambly- I need to get back there and snapp more photos- such yummie product!

And here is a photo of Sally Lynn Mc Donald, Julie Fei Fan Balzer and me at the end of the show.

No more photos of the part where Julie, Lucy and I hang out in the hotel room, feet up in the air and order Pizza and Salad to call it a day. (it would have been funny pictures though 🙂 )

OK – off to the next CHA day – catch you later 🙂


  1. Ranger and Hambly… superbrands!

  2. oooh das hambly sieht ja lecker aus.

  3. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I didn’t know Julie created something totally awesome for the Ranger booth. Yay Julie!
    I love the grunge paper coat!

  4. Eileen Velez says:

    Everything looks beautiful!

  5. karla kolumna: THANKS!!!!! 😀

  6. looks like you’re having a fantastic time. so happy for you!!! 🙂

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