My favorite Layouts 2009

As last year I wanted to show my favorite layouts of the past year – so here they are:

Genau wie im letzten Jahr wollte ich meine Lieblingslayouts des vergangengen Jahres zeigen – so hier sind sie:


Journaling: And while I’m speaking – I know I should stop. But I can’t….I just can’t hold my tongue! Oh Boy!

*Pictures are like Weapons*

Journaling: Have you ever thought about: how much influence photos have? How world history often had been changed by a couple photos or short movies?

*35 and still…”

*On Some Days*

Journaling reads: On some days all the beauty in the world is covered up by layers of terrible news and exhaustion!
*What I Like About You*

*Hello World* 

“Wake me up when September ends” 

Journaling: When  September comes, the days get shorter- the nature decides to slowly change and turns into darker color, I get melacholic. So many people I lost- so many I miss! It is the time to remember them! To remember change can be good – to remember life will always follow.


*Believe it, you are beautiful*

Journaling: I’m sure others can relate to those…selfdoubt crank days! There are days when I do not like myself…to short, to big, to ugly…but that is not true of most of your friends – they think you are beautiful and you are.

 *Here Comes The Sun*

I hope you enjoyed this as I much as I did 🙂 I’m still sick – I can’t believe it. Between Christmas and New Year’s I had one day where I felt good and from there it went downhill again. I lost 9 pounds – the only “positive” side effect- LOL. Oh well – it will be good soon 🙂

Ich hoffe Ihr habt dies genauso  genossen wie ich 🙂 Ich bin leider immer noch krank – ich kann es kaum glauben. Zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr gab es genau einen Tag an dem ich mich gut fühlte und von da aus ging es dann wieder bergab. Ich habe 4,5 kg verloren – der einzige “positive” Effekt – LOl. Na ja- was soll man machen – wird schon 🙂


  1. oh and get well soon my dear!!

  2. i like the on some days one best but they’re all lovely!!

  3. you’re the queen of techniques Nat~! that’s for sure..

  4. I love all of your layouts what a fun idea!! Hugs to you!

  5. Vicki Chrisman says:

    OH.. LOVED looking at those again. The… “Some days” layout has been my very fave, since I first saw it!:”

  6. love this kind of review!! 😀
    get well soon and call me when you need more chicken-soup!! 😉

  7. Lovely work and I am sorry to hear about your illness. Here’s hoping that all goes well this new year.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous layouts, Nat!

  9. Happy NEW Year Nat, hope 2010 brings an end to your cold!! THANKs for sharing your pages, love them all! xox.

  10. some of these layouts are SOOO touching!!!! You are the greatest 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon schatz!

  11. Tolle, sehr künstlerische LOs. Dir weiterhin gute Besserung! LG, Maja

  12. what a treat to look at these Nat ! Happy New Year and get well soon !! 🙂

  13. I hope you will get better soon – but as you said, at least you lost a couple of pouns along the way 🙂

    Loved your look back at 2009 and I can certainly understand why those layouts are your faves. They certainly rock, my dear

  14. Andrea MacDonald says:

    These are so fantastic. Very inspiring!

  15. lovely collection of layouts!! Hope you feel better soon dear!

  16. Oh je, du Arme ! Gute Besserung aus der Ferne!
    Die Layouts sind alle toll, mein Favorit ist “Believe it”- sooo schön!

  17. Sue Clarke says:

    Pictures are Like Weapons makes such a bold statement! Hello World is yummy! Nice selection to show different sides of your journaling/LO’s Nat. Please get some rest and feel better soon:-)

  18. einfach klasse!
    freu mich schon auf viele neue projekte von dir in diesem jahr zu bewundern!

  19. Beautiful selection, Nat.
    Sorry to hear that you’re still sick.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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