Secret Santa Ornament Swap 2009 – The Ornaments

Here we go 🙂 I really enjoyed organizing the Secret Santa Ornament Swap for the third time and it is amazing how wonderful and different all the ornaments are! Thank you all for playing along.

*My Ornament which went out to Lisa*

*Andrea’s Ornament which went out to Karen*

*Marjan to Michelle*

*Cat’s Ornament which went out to Rianne*

*Birgit Koopsen’s Ornament went out to Ronda*

*Melanie’s Ornament went out to Shawn*

*Eeva’s Ornament went out to Bill*

*Kerstin’s Ornament which went out to Cat*

*Shawn’s Ornament which went out to Daphne*

*Rianne’s Ornament which went out to Tanja*

*Karen’s Ornament which went out  to Marjan*

*Michelle’s Ornaments which went out to Melanie*

*Deb’s Ornament that went out to Liz*

*Daphne’s Ornament that went out to Kerstin*

*Kristii’s Ornament that went out to Birgit*

*Bill’s Ornament that went out to Deb*

*Liz’ Ornaments which went out to Kristii*

*Lisa’s Ornament which went out to Andrea*

*Tanja’s Ornament which went out to Eeva*

*Ronda’s Ornament which went out ot me*

Maybe you will be in again next year 🙂

Vielleicht seid Ihr ja im nächsten Jahr wieder dabei 🙂


  1. Toll diese Vielfalt – klasse Idee dieser Tausch!

  2. Oh, they are so lovely! I am making ornaments this year and I see a lot of inspiration!

  3. you have been busy! they are all amazing!

  4. Wow they all turned out so nice!!! Love the little snowman!!!!!! xoxo eef

  5. All of these are awesome!!!

  6. Wow, die sind alle miteinander soooo toll geworden.

    Ich freu mich schon soo sehr auf mein Päckchen 😉
    Danke für die tolle Orga liebe Nat und unseren netten Emailkontakt.

    ganz liebe Grüße Tanja

  7. Wahnsinn was Du alles gezaubert hast!

    Auf meinem Blog findest Du für Dich einen Award!



  8. They are all so amazing, I really love the one that Kerstin sent me – she spent a lot of time making it just perfect. THANKS Nat for doing this and thank you Kerstin for making such a pretty ornament for me!! Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. Sue Clarke says:

    Kerstin’s “hidden” egg ornament is so special. Michelle’s ribbon ornaments are so creative. All of them are awesome and made with love. I want to do this next year!

  10. I just love this ornament exchange!!!! Thanks Nat for putting it all together! Everyone’s ornaments are amazing!!!

  11. Die sind alle soooo schön! Ich bin nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder dabei! Hat echt Spaß gemacht und danke fürs Organisieren!

  12. Wow. They are all so beautiful. I sooooo love the difference. As I already mailed you, can we do this next week again ?! 🙂

  13. I am in for next year!!
    Can’t wait.

    I hope everybody’s Christmas Tree is up and adorned with a beautiful ornament!

  14. WOw there are so many gorgeous ornaments out there. Wonderful stuff

  15. holy moly, such amazing ornaments!! 😀

  16. Himmel, sind DIE schön! Am allerliebsten hätte ich von jedem Eines! *gg Danke für die “Aktion” – ich hab viel Spaß daran und hoffe auf ein Mandat 2010. 🙂

  17. wow die sind ja alle sowas von genial geworden … ich bin im nächsten Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder dabei. Das macht soviel Spaß. Und Dir Süße vielen Dank für die Orga und dass Du das schon zum 3. Mal organisierst ;o)

  18. WOW they are all soo gorgeous!!! This was first time for me and I will definitely do this next year :). Thank you for holding this!!!


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