Project 365 – Week 50

First of all – did you see who is the new Angel? I’m so glad we can finally share 🙂

Zunächst mal – habt Ihr gesehen wer der neue Engel ist? – Ich bin ja so froh, dass ich endlich den Mund auf machen darf 🙂


Project 365: Wow- I can’t believe this project is soon coming to an end 🙂

Projekt 365: Wow- Ich kann es kaum glauben, dass dieses Projekt bald zuende geht 🙂


Sookee cuddling with us before we head out to the Newark Airport


Nothing better than new slippers at home sweet home after a red eye flight


Ahhhh – sweet face- but still trying to work with the new lense- no auto focus  – this let me struggle- LOL


Veggies for a nice turkey soup


baked Nat’s Nutty Nutbars 😉


Celebrating Aunt Margot’s 90th birthday a couple days later. She looks gorgeous 🙂


Driving back into Hamburg – love the harbour!

I wonder if I should do something like this with photos next year again …mmmmpppff

Ich frage mich, ob ich so etwas ähnliches mit Photos nächstes Jahr wieder machen soll ….mmpppff


  1. 90!! years….she looks amazing!!!
    and yes… please continue with the photo’s 🙂

  2. Holy cow – she is NEVER 90….geez, Aunt Margot looks at least 20 years younger than that.
    Awesome pictures as always

  3. Love your photos!

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    I love your weekly pics so I vote yes to you doing it again! Glad to see your Auntie looking so well. And Heidi on the team…cool!

  5. oh i love the hamburg pic, know exactly how that feels!!! well done nat for sticking to the project365!!!

  6. my fav is the veggies.. prolly because I am damn hungry right now. LOL. are you doing this next year? I kinda want to try again (tried last year andlasted until April) LOL..

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