Project 365 – Week 42

I have to catch up with my pictures of the week and those are quite versatile for week 42 🙂


October 12-2009: San Francisco at the Beach- so beautiful- a nice walk with Marina and Karsten 🙂


October 13-2009: In Sonoma County at our friend’s house – beautiful vineyard in front of their house and for the first time I have been to California RAIN – oh man- didn’t even know they had rain 🙂


October 14-2009: Sequoia Nationalpark- huge amazing trees- as well as a bear. What a magic place!


October 15 – 2009: And another bear today- what a great view – he was sniffing the ground for food and ate pine cones.


October 16-2009: On the way to Las Vegas we drove through the Mojave Desert- lot’s of Joshua Trees along- miles and miles no cars, no houses, no people. Wonderful!


October 17-2009: Such an opposite experience to all the other days- crazy crazy loud and crowded- still fun- Las Vegas!


October 18 -2009: Arrived at the Grand Canyon – and went out for a hike to have a picnic out there and watch the sunset


  1. I’m so jealous!! I live in the states and have never seen the Grand Canyon!

  2. How lovely, Nat! I did almost this same trip with some German friends 10 years ago — California, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree! Brings back great memories!!

  3. wow! wow! wow! so lucky:)

  4. Incredible! Very nice bear & Grand Canyon shots! I’m glad you didn’t waste too much time in Las Vegas.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos Nat! Looks like you are having a great time! I miss you at STM!

  6. oh wow! Da werden Erinnerungen wach! Wir haben letztes Jahr eine ähnliche Tour gemacht und es war der BESTE URLAUB EVER!!!!
    Seit Ihr auch mit dem Hubschrauber über den GrandCanyon geflogen?
    DAS war ein absolutes Highlight!

  7. Really beautiful so great have lots of fun.

  8. OMGosh what awesome pictures. You are sure having an amazing time!

  9. Wudnervolle Fotos! Da bekommt man glatt Fernweh! Noch einen schönen Urlaub!

  10. jealous, i’m totally jealous!! enjoy!! hugs!! 😀

  11. Beautiful!

  12. okay, i have to say i envy you a bit right now. my Fernweh just doubled or tripled by looking at these photos….

  13. Sue Clarke says:

    Joshua tree and the Canyon are my faves. You’ve seen more of the US than I have and I’ve lived her my whole live. Looks like you’re enjoying your vacation Nat!

  14. wow……all stunning!!

  15. Sequoia!
    Las Vegas!

    what a fantastic vacation 🙂

  16. have lots, lots of fun.
    And take a lot of time to relax!

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