Cherry Pie Creations – Workshop in The Netherlands

It was such an amazing and fun Cherry Pie Creations weekend in The Netherlands in Venray. My sweet Liz and I drove 6 hours down and we had a blast. While Liz was taking a total of 9 workshops and showed up once in a while with piles and piles of materials and projects, I taught my classes and enjoyed having students from Israel, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. All the students were amazing and all the groups had a really fun vibe and the outcomes were all different, unique and stunning! Here are the classes I taught. I might teach them again in a small group in Hamburg- but for now they are retired 🙂

Eternal Love

*Tribute Album*

It was also such a fun and good time to hang out with the other teachers. Birgit, Natasja and Vicki are such wonderful personalties- we had a very good time and laughed quite  a lot- LOL – AR!!!!! Manita did a great job organizing the Event and it was fun shopping at Special Memories and Scrapheap

I met so many wonderful students and I can’t all poin them out – Ingeborg was so nice to send me a couple pictures- here is Ingeborg and me staring the the sun- LOL

And here is Viv – who sent me the pic- see – I love how different the outcome is with her layout:

And Ingeborg sent me hers- isn’t that amazing?

I have to say that this is my favorite part of this workshop for me…all the different outcomes and how students get excited about it…and if you were in one of my workshops…you know I get totally excited about it too- LOL

The girls from Special Memories did an amazing job helping and my special thanks go out to Judith and Anja who helped during my classes as well to the other sweethearts that treated me with tea, and Wilhelmina Peppermints 🙂 Love you girls- you are the best! Here is a photo of all of us (also stolen from Vicki Boutin – I hope she is not killing me!)

Here is Manita and us workshop teachers – it cracks me up how we all look in different directions 🙂

and here is the nice picture that I stole from Vici’s Blog 🙂 I love this picture of Natasja, Vicki, Manita, Birgit and me! We are beaming…because it was so awesome!

Hopefully I will see many of you again!

huge hugs


  1. Hi. I’m Anat, Mya friend that was in your class. We met Ingeborg in the middle of mastricht. She came towards us and ask if it us that were in the weekend. I was so exited about the meeting that I forgot to take her e-mail for some chatting. And here you are putting yours photo and I’m looking and say – oh my god – there she is, the same lady that we met in Mastricht accidentally. What a coincidence. I’ll be glad if you can connect us or throw me her e-mail. I’m going to make a post on my blog about beautiful Mastricht.
    Thanks alot.

  2. Awesome stuff !!

  3. That looks like way too much fun!!!

  4. Hi Nathalie,
    it was so great to see you again! And I did learn a lot in spite of what you think. I got myself a copy of the new Sommerset finaly and it is so great to see your “work” and articles in it!
    You give/gave me new inspiration, and I needed that a lot.
    Busy with all kinds of paints and inks again.
    Hugs !

  5. hi nat, also das tate magrgot album ist ja sowas von toll! gefällt mir unwarscheinlich gut!!!

  6. Hi Nathalie
    I loved the workshop (the last one) and enjoy the finished product much.

  7. ich meinte nicht apßig, sondern spaßig!!!!!!!

  8. liebes natilein, na wo bist du denn gerade?
    es hat mich überaus gefreut, dass wir uns kennengelernt haben, denn du hast meine tiefe (seeeehr tief sitzende)sehnsucht nach rumpantschen in farben, dreckigmachen der finger, …geweckt!!! es war mehr als apßig und ich hoffe, wir sehen uns wieder…

  9. Sue Clarke says:

    Super awesome tribute album…it rocks! tee hee
    Love seeing all the pics. Great job Vicki!!

  10. Wow looking good nathalie nice pictures too. Especially the ones you have stolen from Vicki. Loved the workshops you gave and it’s a pity I couldn’t attent them but I liked being your PA. Loved that everybody enjoyed it and the outcome was totally different. Hope to see you soon again.

  11. Wow, Nat! So very cool! =)

    I just wanted to thank you too for your super kindhearted comments the other day when I was feeling down, it was really special that you took the time to send along a virtual hug, thank you! It meant alot…and be sure to let me know when it is that you ever need one and I’ll do my best! =)

    Hugs to you!

  12. Your workshop totally rocked!!!! Thanx so much for all the techniques and the inspiration you gave me 🙂

    Have a nice weekend, love Viv

  13. What a wonderful experience this must have been!

  14. i told you how much i LOVE your projects!! will do them asap!! hugs!!

  15. you are such a great teacher !!!
    I had lots of fun. 🙂
    thanks for posting the pictures here.
    I hope I can attend another ws of you someday !!!!

  16. I was so great to see you aain and to work with you 😀

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