Barcelona Photos -Part II

And here we continue ….So we went to the Casa Mila!

As soon as we stepped out onto the roof terrace it started raining cats and dogs! And it didn’t stop so we had to leave the terrace.

here is a picture of the hallway

and from a balcony from the inside of an apartment

So we walked down to the Casa Batllo and got totally wet – so just a quick shot of the beautiful house. I need to go back to Barcelona to see it 🙂

Oh and of course you need to see a picture of my favorite tapas- LOL – piementos de padron

We had a fun evening and slept in long!-

on monday we headed out to Parc Guell.

It was also designed by Gaudi – amazing!

See those little critters in the palmtree? They were so funny and LOUD!!!!

For lunch we went to the La Boqueria – the Market. I love markets as you know when you know me – LOL

On the La Rambla Casa dels Paraigües (House of Umbrellas)

And we strolled around a bit and went back to the ocean

and we were relaxed and totally satisfied 🙂

It was so amazing- I really want to come back – this city is wonderful, inspiring and fun!


  1. Barcelona is such a wonderful place! I’d love to go there. so much inspiration!

  2. What a gorgeous place, love all the mosaics!

  3. Die Bilder lassen vermuten, dass dir Barcelona sehr gut gefallen hat :). Und es macht Spaß diese tollen Bilder anzugucken.
    Wünsche dir eine schöne Woche.
    LG Marion

  4. Hi Nat!
    I’m glad to see that you enjoyed your stay in Barcelona, and I hope you had fun with your workshops. It is so bad I could not be here but since you look interested in coming back I hope we’ll do it next time.:) Hugs,

  5. looks like a cool and colorful place 😉

  6. I feel like I’ve been to a place after I’ve seen your photos Nat!

  7. I have been everywhere for Spain, but I’ve not seen that!

    It was always FAR away from Portugal and Madrid. I know I will get there.

    Thanks for the inspiring fotos, no?

  8. Just gorgeous! I really wanted to go to Barcelona while visiting last year and just couldn’t fit it in. You make me want to go even more with your glorious photos and stories!

  9. wow- da bekomm ich so Lust auf einen trip nach Barcelona- tolle Fotos!

  10. Stunning pictures Nat and i can totally understand why you want to go back. I adore Gaudi and that is the only reason why I would want to go to Barcelona, but Lyndon is not interested…hmpfh. i didn’t know there was SO MUCH Gaudi stuff to be seen though. Thanks yo your picces, I need to come up with a plan how to get Lyndon to Barcelona withe me 🙂

  11. Barcelona ist wirklich eine tolle Stadt! ich beneide dich echt, dass du jetzt da warst Im Partk Güell war ich damals auch und habe Unmengen Fotos gemacht. Viel Spaß übrigens nächste Woche in den NL!

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